This documentation presents the iFLUX API. You can reach the API at:

This pages contains general documentation about the API. Use the links on the right to navigate to specific resources.

System components

An overview of a system built with iFLUX is shown in the diagram below:

  • Event sources (e.g. sensors) report events using the /events endpoint exposed by the iFLUX middleware. An event is defined by a type, a timestamp and a list of properties.

  • Event-Condition-Action rules are configured on the iFLUX middleware. Rules specifies what actions should be triggered when specific events are reported. Every rule has an associated schema (provided as a handlebars template), which makes it possible to compute action properties from event properties.

  • Action targets expose a /actions endpoint, used by the iFLUX middleware to trigger actions when rules are evaluated positively. An action is defined by a type and a list of properties. The diagram shows two examples of action targets: gateways used to relay user notifications via the Slack collaboration platform or via email.

System overview


The API uses the JSON format.


All dates used in the API are in UTC and use the ISO-8601 format (ex: 2015-02-15T05:21:07Z).